“The only thing constant is change “.

The French Textile Equipment Manufacturers offer the textile producers state-of-the- art technologies. We design many special equipments to be our customers’real partners and help them introduce new products on their markets. We can only do this thanks to our own R&D teams. This is our tradition. it is embedded in our DNA, It has always been.


Remember Jacquard, the star of the textile machinery invention, he was French! Our R&D, we do not develop it in some ivory towers. We are SMEs in which the information flows very rapidly between the commercial, technical and research departments. This is how it should work and it does. It allows to go much further than purely commercial relationships with the customers. Then we can offer them hardware, software and services which are the solutions they need.

On the long run, the textile industry is changing quicker and quicker whatever the day-to-day issues. The pandemic disturbed our industry in 2020, it will probably fade over the next months. Then, our customers will need, more than ever, to introduce new products, to modernize their production processes, to be more flexible and offer high quality products with zero defects, be eco-responsible. R&D and investments will be more and more necessary. This is exactly where we can help.

Innovation is multi-face. Innovations can materialize in equipment, service, communication channels with our partners. Right now there are 4 major themes for innovations which go beyond the usual ones:

  • Eco-responsibility.
  • Industry4.0
  • Recycling
  • Precise cost analysis

But whatever the circumstances our strategy is to be closer and closer partners for our customers in order to interact with them, understand their needs, focus our R&D to find solutions with them, offer state-of-the-art equipments and the best service to every customer. Even the way we interact with our customers has to change.


In 2020 we used the best platforms like Zoom to “meet” with our customers while business trips were nearly impossible but while everyday problems had to be resolved.
We will in the near future introduce a new way to “meet” our customers. We will introduce VIRTUAL SHOWS. We will welcome interested visitors, show them what we offer, let them visit our equipments, be ready to talk with them as we would do if we really meet, except for the shake hands.
The French equipment manufacturers are innovation geeks.