UCMTF  (French Textile Equipment Manufacturers Association)

A trade association

UCMTF is the trade association grouping the French Textile Equipment Manufacturers. UCMTF’s members are particularly strong in long fibre spinning (wool, acrylic …), yarn twisting and control (including technical yarns), space-dyeing, heat setting for carpet yarns, carpet systems, dyeing and finishing, felts and belts for finishing processes, nonwovens, air conditioning of textile plants, and recycling processes of textile materials. Their total annual consolidated turnover is close to 1 billion Euros. Most of the turnover is exported to Asia, EMEA and the Americas. Innovation and service are embedded in the DNA of UCMTF’s members; they are long term technology partners of their customers. Most of them are small or medium-sized companies, focused on specialty equipments which can be custom made to help the customers develop new products, produce them in sustainable and secure industrial processes. Their goal is to help their customers to increase both their turnovers and profits.

A member of the CEMATEX

Europe remains the major textile equipment cutting-edge, innovative centre in the world. The National associations like UCMTF have joined together to own and manage, through the Cematex (European Committee of Textile Machinery Manufacturers), the ITMAs, in Europe every 4 years in a different country and in Asia every 2 years.
As a member of the Cematex’ board, UCMTF takes part in the decisions made by the Cematex for the organization of our industry and of its exhibitions.



To bring together and represent

The first objective of a professional union is to bring together, in a spirit of professional solidarity, companies from the same economic sector in order to provide services to its members, to be the privileged place of their exchanges, to define the strategy of the profession. in its relations with the socio-economic environment, to represent companies with national, European and international public authorities.

To promote an international approach

UCMTF supports its members’ international initiatives. In addition to the exhibitions directly organized by the Cematex, the French manufacturers participate in regional or national shows. UCMTF is instrumental in their selection, and provides substantial logistic assistance via the organisation of French pavilions and their local promotion to leverage its members’ efforts.

Road shows, symposiums, study missions and receptions of foreign delegations, etc. are organized in countries selected for their dynamic markets. These initiatives are supported by active promotion and market exploration.

In close contact with the international trade press and digital media, UCMTF informs it on its activities and organises journalists’ visits and receptions. Media which do not receive UCMTF’s press releases are welcomed to apply for receiving them.

To introduce digital tools

The Internet site www.ucmtf.com is meant to support more effectively promotion efforts directed both at textile customer companies and at the press and to be the French textile’s hub.
UCMTF is pro-active in developing digital tools to help its members participate in the new virtual expos and to create its own French Textile Equipment Virtual Show which can be opened, on a case to case basis, to other European equipment manufacturers.
The seminars and road shows to meet the customers will probably also become, more and more, virtual eventhough direct personal contacts are still so important.

To attract young talents

The future of an industry is linked to its capacity to attract young talents: engineers, marketing and sales oriented people and junior managers. This is particularly important in the textile equipment industry which is globalized and requires a direct presence close to customers.
UCMTF is active with the best French and international textile universities, it contributes to the funding of many projects and organizes the UCMTF Forum to which the textile and mechanics students are invited to attend.

The center of many textile networks

UCMTF is proactive to share informations and initiatives with other stakeholders: textile associations, research centers, universities, show organizers, textile press. Links with some of them are active on this website :

Joining UCMTF

It is a great advantage for a textile equipment manufacturer to be part of UCMTF. New members are welcomed. For more information, please contact the Secretary General.

The president and the Secretary General

UCMTF President is Hugues Schellenberg.
He is the CEO of Dollfus & Muller of Heimsbrunn in the French province of Alsace. An engineer, Hugues Schellenberg got an MBA from Montpellier University, in Southern France.

UCMTF Secretary General, Christian Guinet graduated as a textile engineer and worked for most of his career as marketing manager of a major textile equipment manufacturer.

M. Schellenberg

M. Guinet

For more information, you are invited to contact